The vows are done. Now let’s have some fun?

Indian Weddings- a roller coaster of melodrama, hullabaloo, perturbation, whining, enticing men and women, mouthwatering food, and wallah you have your perfect ride. Since the time I got back home I have attended around 8-10 weddings, in a row, covering the most bizarre of cultures, meeting multifarious people from all kinds of stature. Punjabis, Sindhis, Gujarati, Rajput, Marwari, gosh I feel lucky to have experienced the authenticity and grace of each clan for the love they bestowed upon me in form of food (Yes, food is love, love is life, and life sums up everything. इंसांन के दिल  का रास्ता पैठ से ही होकर   जाता है ). So today let’s talk about the diminutive things that we forget to observe, the behind the scenes of the camera where the actual masala builds up during a wedding. But first, let’s open up more and spill out the sass about what weddings really mean to us. For a person like me, weddings are a reason to spruce up your personality in the most elegant yet titilla
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