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Is it okay to FEEL everything, all at once?

People say self-control is the key to success, leading a happy disciplined life. It sounds reasonable but does self-control come that easy? Have you ever struggled with temptation, addiction, procrastination, and motivation? I guess we all have at some point or the other. We all know we are supposed to be in control of every aspect of our lives, from what we eat to what we do, say, buy and most importantly what and how we feel. We feel at the mercy of our thoughts, emotions, and cravings, our lives controlled by impulses rather than conscious choices. But is it possible to be always in control of everything? Even the best-controlled people I have come across feel exhausted after a point of time in keeping it all together. We wonder was life supposed to be such a struggle? Do you see yourself as a: TYPE A- a person who is capable of feeling everything and nourishing it or a TYPE B- a person who simply lays them off, as feelings might become a distraction in their life.

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay it's not the end."

So I don’t know actually where to start from and how to start so that I can grab your attention with a fancy introduction pick up line. Well, to be frank, I won’t write anything to impress you or grab your attention but I am going to write something very normal, something very simple that we experience in our daily life routines. I might not be the fanciest person with the most articulate eloquent way of speaking but I am sure of one thing what I will write you might connect with it at some or the other level because you must have experienced or encountered such situations at some point or the other in your life. I describe myself as a person who is capable of feeling deeply like oceans deep trust me, who might not be the most talkative social person whom you come across at a bar or in a cafĂ© or on a street but a person who is a listener, who observes and understands.  I might sound like an introvert but like most introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, whic